Weekly Update (3/14/17)

Dear Pastors and Prayer Partners,
For the second week in a row, a pastor has led his congregation and voted to start supporting right in the service. He said this is the first time they have taken on a missionary in that way, and we are excited that the Lord continues to help raise our support. God is at work, and we are excited to watch Him open doors.
Last week, I had the opportunity to be just south of Savannah, GA for a missions conference, and was with two separate churches on Sunday. Sunday morning, I woke up to a snowy day, but no meetings were cancelled. We are thankful for God’s goodness to us.
This past Saturday marked the 6th year anniversary of the great Earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan. I was in the country at the time and still remember the earthquake vividly. While we were about 200 miles from the epicenter, we definitely felt the ground shake beneath us.


  • One new supporting church from this past Sunday!

Prayer Requests:
  • Meeting for Easter Sunday Morning
  • Continued safety travelling

From the News
  • The world watched in horror as Japan was hit with a M 9.0 earthquake and 100-ft tsunami waves on March 11th, 2011. These waves were unlike anything we had ever seen before. Above the loss of property and major trouble with the nuclear reactors is the fact that most of those who died probably never heard the Gospel. Click here to read about how the earthquake is still affecting many in Japan.
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