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Weekly Update (5/9/17)

Dear Pastors and Prayer Partners,

The Lord has been very good to us and we heard from a church as well as a Sunday school class at a different church that voted to start supporting the ministry. The Lord continues to provide and help us raise our support and we are very grateful for your prayers!

Today, Rosie and I had the opportunity to be at a pastors’ fellowship in Jonesboro, GA, and we are excited that we had the chance to fellowship. Tomorrow we will be headed to North Carolina for our meeting there.

In the last prayer update, we asked for you to pray that the Lord would supply meetings for the 2018 calendar year. Thank you for your prayers. Currently, we need 11 more meetings for the first quarter of 2018. Please continue to pray that the Lord would open up doors for us to present.

This month’s CDGO highlight is Kitakyushu City. Be sure to click on the link in the CDGO section to find out how you can be praying for this city.


  • 2 New Supporters

Prayer Requests:
  • Meetings for 2018
  • Trip to Japan this summer

CDGO Highlight:
  • With about a million people, Kitakyushu City is one of the 20 major cities designated by government ordinance. Click here to find out about this city and the need for the Gospel there.  
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