Weekly Update

Weekly Update (5/30/17)

Dear Pastors and Prayer Partners,

There are quite a number of exciting things going on and we are excited to share them with you! Currently, we are away with the Vision Baptist Missions staff on the annual orientation for missionary training. We arrived yesterday, and the orientation will end on Friday. We are very thankful for staff and senior missionaries who invest in our lives to help us be effective in reaching our world with the Gospel. 

On Wednesday, the Lord kept us safe as we traveled to our meeting in North Carolina. Inclement weather turned a 3.5 hour drive into 5.5 hours, but we are very thankful that the Lord kept us safe. On Sunday, we were with two separate churches in Florida.  

We also heard from one new church that voted to start supporting the ministry, which we are excited about!


An interesting report has recently come out about the so called “well-being” of teenagers in Japan. You will find the news section to be of interest.  


  • Safety travelling to meetings
  • One new supporting Church
Prayer Requests:
  • Meetings for 2018
  • Trip to Japan next month
From the News:
  • A recent study seems to indicate that the overall happiness of Japanese teenagers is lower than global averages. While bullying and lack of closeness in families are cited in this article, our desire is that one day many will know what a good relationship looks like based on their relationship with Jesus.
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