Weekly Update (4/4/17)

Dear Pastors and Prayer Partners,

Thank you so much for your prayers for safety. This past week from Sunday to Sunday, I had the opportunity to be at 9 different churches and was in GA, TN, KY, SC, and NC. Several of these were missions conferences, and I am very thankful that the Lord provided these opportunities.

This week, Rosie and I are finishing up preparations our wedding. The Lord provided a good apartment for us that is located near our home church, and she was able to start getting things set up while I was away last week. Since the apartment is close to the highway, it will also make it easier for us once we start deputation together.

Lord willing, I hope to send you the live-stream link in an email the day of our wedding. That way, you will be able to join us for this very special time. Thank you for all your prayers, and I hope you can join us. Since we will be on our honeymoon next week, there will be no weekly update.

Japan has long been known for its workplace standards and corporate structure, but now there is a movement that is trying to lead away from the traditional salary man structure. Click the link in the news section below to gain a glimpse into how Japan is trying to change the traditional workflow.


  • Safety traveling

Prayer Requests:
  • Meeting for Easter Sunday Morning
  • Our wedding THIS SATURDAY!

From the News
  • Since much of Japan’s work is technology, there is currently a move to increase telecommuting in Japan. This article will give you a glimpse into this movement as well as the traditional workplace mindset held by many companies in Japan. Since Japan is notorious for workoholism, this new system may be a breath of fresh air that allows people to think about spiritual things and not just work.
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