Weekly Update (4/18/17)

Dear Pastors and Prayer Partners,

Rosie and I are very excited about our new life together. We wanted to say a special word of thanks for all those who tuned into the livestream and watched the wedding. Thank you for joining us for our special day.

This past Sunday, we were able to go to Vision Bapist Church for Easter Sunday, and then had a meeting just south of Atlanta in the evening. Our first meeting as a married couple was a great success and we greatly appreciate your prayers.

Last week, two new churches started sending support, and we have heard from a third that said they would start supporting the work as well. We are very grateful for the Lord’s provision as we do deputation together to get back to Japan.

We are still in the middle of putting the finishing touches on our apartment that the Lord provided, but we are very glad for a place to call our own. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are truly blessed to be able to do what we do.

Japan enjoys many things that we can enjoy here in the States and potato chips are no exception. However, right now potato chips are going for over $10/bag in Japan. Check out the news section to find out why.


  • Wedding went smoothly
  • Safety traveling during honeymoon
  • 2 new supporting churches
Prayer Requests:
  • Meetings for the remaining 3 openings this year
  • Trip to Japan this summer
From the News:
  • Japan has many different potato chip flavors including your standard BBQ or classic. They also have flavors such as Plum or Seaweed & Salt. Currently there is a shortage of potato chips in Japan that is causing many stores to sell out. Click here to find out what is causing potato chips to sell for over $10 a bag.
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