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CDGO Highilght: Kawasaki

Just beneath the the city of Tokyo is the City of Kawasaki. While Kawasaki is not technically Tokyo, its 1.5 Million people contribute to the great urban conglomeration. Since the city is only 55 square miles, there are over 26,000 people per square mile! In planting churches, we would like to see a church for every 50,000 people, so this would mean we would need a church about every two miles!

While Kawasaki is part of the largest metropolitan city of the world, there is still great paganism. Every year, there is fertility festival at the Kanayama Shrine. The people proudly shoulder a large object modeling male genitalia and parade through the streets. Though a large city, there is prevalent paganism.

In looking for churches, I found one Baptist church in this city of 1.5 million. Will you pray that God will send laborers into his harvest here?

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